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Fleming Marine Composites

“My business was growing at a quick rate, and I needed a larger space to run our composites and manufacturing operations. We had considered using Pivotal’s project management and business relocation services to help with the build out and prep of the industrial space, and our subsequent relocation, but as business life goes, we felt we would have the time and capacity to attend to these needs with our own team. In reality, we learned the value of Pivotal’s services the painful way. The buildout process consumed MUCH more of my time than I expected or had to give, and we somehow busted our relocation budget by $100k. My guys were tied up meeting production and repair schedules for customers, so we adopted the ‘whatever it takes’ approach to the relocation. In hindsight and foresight, I will never try to relocate my business again without engaging a project management group like Pivotal—worth every penny, and we didn’t use them!”

—R. Fleming, Fleming Marine Composites


Disciplined | Reliable | Honest Nearly 99% of a business’s overall real estate project budget (in both time and money resource) is spent upon identifying a preferred location, negotiating a lease or purchase transaction, construction costs, and furniture expenses. Business leaders know that time, money, and the time value of money matter, and accordingly they […]