Pivotal Project Management is your premier Owners Representation, Program, and Project Management firm delivering full life-cycle leadership, strength, and drive to your relocation and commercial development projects.  Our comprehensive services and methods enable our clients to make informed decisions, address options and challenges confidently, and to take a joint proactive approach to their commercial projects.


Strong LeadershipMastery and Expertise
Pivotal and Dynamic ApproachTeam Approach
Time is Sacred Philosophy


  • Time is the most valuable resource

    Don’t rush it, and don’t waste it

  • Common sense is not all that common... Be Specific

    Common sense based assumptions can have damaging, snowballing effects, especially in the realm of commercial real estate projects. Assuming one party or another will pick up a scope of work, by common sense, can result in a compounding loss of time/schedule and money.  Be specific, be clear, be accountable.

  • The customer is not always right… but it is always right to do whats in the best interest of the Client

    G. Selfridge, founder of Selfridges of England, and an early pioneer in the concept of the modern department store, coined the term ‘The Customer is Always Right’ in the early 1900’s… and it has been endangering the customer ever since.This may sound brash, but at Pivotal, we feel it is dangerous for anyone to blindly adhere to this slogan. Furthermore, we believe it is always right to do whats in the best interest of our Clients- even if it is to point out a danger to themselves.

  • Put the cart in front of the horse

    One of the greatest challenges (and thus key roles of an Owners Rep) is to convert a vision into a reality. But what if the vision isn’t all that clear?  What if you cant get your vision down onto paper?  At Pivotal, we understand the critical nature of a clear vision, and the crucial role it plays in starting the journey- we both must understand where we are going, before we head down the wrong path.

  • In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing- Theodore Roosevelt

Why Pivotal?

1) We believe in the primacy vs. recency of the human memory bank

2) Shine light into the unknown (or unwanted)

• We bring measurement to the intangibles of your deal

• We have an inherent interest in your deal being successful

3) Your clients deserve professional project management

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