At Pivotal Project Management, there is no commercial real estate project we can’t handle. We take pride in our ability to understand, execute and excel with every project we take on. We do this by providing our project management services in carefully thought out phases that create a seamless development experience from start to finish.

  • Strategic Facility Planning Phase 
  • Transaction Support Phase
  • Project Team Composition Phase
  • Design Control Phase
  • Construction Control Phase
  • Final Inspections & Delivery Phase
  • Relocation Management Phase

Behind each of these project management phases are three pillars that drive them to successful completion.


The review process is a snapshot of current status, progress, issues, challenges, and contractor/vendor commitments, in comparison to the project timeline, budget, and specific outcomes. This allows us to constantly have a firm grasp on the project and make changes and adjustments as necessary to stay on time and on budget.


The assessment analyzes short- and long-term impacts, options, and potential outcomes based on the review – Maintain the current direction? Identifying corrective actions? Set a new direction? This pillar ensures the project stays aimed at the desired goal.


Improvement is the active implementation of the ‘go forward’ decision- this can include efforts to maintain the current course and help make future projects of a similar caliber more efficient and within budget.

Risk has Its Place –
Your Project Isn’t One of Them.

Let us help make your project a success.




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