Would you risk 99% of your business upon only 1% of your overall project budget? Sounds extreme, but this is the reality of a business relocation and move event.

Pivotal Project Management is your key resource in bringing order, confidence, and success to a chaotic and risky business transition. The Pivotal Process™ will coordinate, plan, manage, and administer all of your move management and business relocation needs throughout Denver, Colorado, the United States, and beyond! We do more than coordinate moving your physical stuff. We coordinate and/or consult with internal and external communications regarding your move; we coordinate the relocation with your GC and construction schedules; ensure desks and equipment are setup correctly at the destination; computer and IT network solutions are in place and working, and so is your team! We source, qualify, and manage the vendors you will need; we coordinate furniture purchases and/or dispositions; coordinate and manage occupancy services, decommissioning of your space, and much more. Our strong vendor relationships, local knowledge, and market presence enables you to get the best rates possible and the best, most-efficient relocation teams available.

Pivotal Project Management Relocation Services


  • Brand reputation: Potential loss of customer service and/or brand loyalty
  • Delayed order fulfillment, service delivery, or response time
  • Employee down time and overhead due to delays
  • Loss or delay of communication channels (phone and IT/server downtime)
  • Employee confusion or panic
  • Extended rents carry
  • Liability
  • Time and overall budget


  • Commercial office space tenants
  • Multi-site, multi-phase relocation projects
  • Industrial, manufacturing, and production facilities
  • Medical, research, and technical laboratories
  • ‘Internal shuffles’ and tenant improvement projects
  • Landlords performing a shuffle and restack, or contiguous space plans
  • Eminent domain and URA (Uniform Relocation Act) relocations
  • Facility/space decommissioning, and more

Botched relocations are costly.

Don’t leave it up to chance, leave it to the professionals.

Our extensive experience results in the smoothest business relocations. Hiccups and move disruptions are inevitable. The difference with Pivotal Project Management is that we have the time, focus, knowledge, and expertise to resolve these issues promptly to prevent disasters from costing you, your employees, and your clients. Based on your needs, we will create a plan for contracting, scheduling, and overseeing everything needed for your move.

Our Relocation Management Services:

  • Relocation Planning/Management
  • Develop Relocation Strategy & Milestones
  • Develop Change Management and Communications Plan
  • Move Committee Composition & Training
  • New & Re-Use Furniture Allocation
  • Files/Storage Transition Strategy
  • Move Vendor RFP/Recommend Vendor
  • Negotiate Move Vendor Contract
  • Direct Move Committee/Orientation Meetings
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy/Temp. Certificate of Occupancy*
  • Operational Detail, Placards, and Directional Signage
  • Coordination with Landlord and/or Property Management
  • Origin & Destination Side Move Preparation
  • Origin & Destination Side Move Coordination
  • Onsite Management of all Vendor Installations and Relocation Activities
  • Fine Tuning & 3 Day Help Desk Support (post-move)
  • Move Vendor Close-Out and Audit
  • Final Punch List/ Project Close-Out Activities
  • Final Budget Reconciliation
  • Lessons Learned & Post-Occupancy Audit

*Please note Relocation Planning and Management efforts begin well before the cert. of occupancy is achieved. Waiting until cert. of occupancy to start will only produce highly undesirable and costly outcomes.




“My business was growing at a quick rate, and I needed a larger space to run our composites and manufacturing operations. We had considered using Pivotal’s project management and business relocation services to help with the build out and prep of the industrial space, and our subsequent relocation, but as business life goes, we felt we would have the time and capacity to attend to these needs with our own team. In reality, we learned the value of Pivotal’s services the painful way. The buildout process consumed MUCH more of my time than I expected or had to give, and we somehow busted our relocation budget by $100k. My guys were tied up meeting production and repair schedules for customers, so we adopted the ‘whatever it takes’ approach to the relocation. In hindsight and foresight, I will never try to relocate my business again without engaging a project management group like Pivotal—worth every penny, and we didn’t use them!”

—R. Fleming, Fleming Marine Composites

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The Pivotal Project Management team is here to support you!

Are you a ‘do-it-yourselfer’? Do you already have existing vendor relationships? Do you simply want a consulting service on how to save time, maximize your budget spend, and a plan to best execute? We offer consulting services to those individuals and businesses who seek professional guidance in navigating the challenging course ahead. To maximize these services (and outcomes), please engage us as early as possible.