Did your workforce shrink or your space requirements change? Is much of your staff now working at home? How are you creating a safer work environment?

As businesses start to come back online, many are finding out that their prior floorplan or workspace environment simply cannot meet the new ‘norms’ and safety standards caused by the pandemic. How are you adapting your work environment to meet the new COVID-19 safety standards? How will adapted workflows impact your team? Your production? Your customers? These changes come with their own set of challenges to address. Thankfully, you have a team of professionals here to help you plan, manage, and execute quickly and cost effectively. Pivotal Project Management and Holland Basham Architects have teamed up to properly and professionally address all your adapted workspace challenges. From consultation and space planning, to the full execution of required changes, we’re here to provide you with a single point of solution.


Time is your most valuable resource.

Focus on running your business and leave your office requirements to us. We’ll save you time and money while creating a safer work environment to get your team up and running faster.

Challenges We Can Solve For You:

  • Space planning/design and furniture changes to meet spacing and safety requirements
  • Adapted workflow consulting: assisting with on-site and off-site personnel
  • Recommissioning of space: space cleaning and sanitize-ready for returning staff
  • Modified electrical and data changes to meet new spacing arrangements and workflows
  • Modular wall-off solutions
  • Move management services
  • PC and IT disconnect/reconnect teams
  • Field IT service team to assist off-site personnel connectivity
  • Decommissioning and liquidation/disposal of old or excess furniture
  • Demising/re-demising of space
  • Space prep for subletting
  • Full exit decommissioning services also available

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