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Why Use a Project Management Company for Tenant Improvements?

Tenant Improvements (TI), also known as Leasehold Improvements, are the custom interior build outs a landlord or tenant makes to their commercial space. This complicated construction project is integral to your business, so having a project management company like Pivotal Project Management on your side is important. We have the experience, resources, and most importantly, […]


The 99:1 Dilemma – How Difficult Could It Be?

Disciplined | Reliable | Honest Nearly 99% of a business’s overall real estate project budget (in both time and money resource) is spent upon identifying a preferred location, negotiating a lease or purchase transaction, construction costs, and furniture expenses. Business leaders know that time, money, and the time value of money matter, and accordingly they […]

What three project pillars align the driving force behind every phase of your project?

Review     Assess     Improve Review The review process is a snapshot of current status, progress, issues, challenges, and contractors/vendors commitments, in comparison to the project timeline, budget, and specific outcomes. Example: The initial assembly of project schedule shows a parallel path for remediation efforts and utility infrastructure installations. Upon continual review, a schedule collision can […]